Indonesian crude coconut oil factory


By choosing a trusted Indonesian crude coconut oil factory, buyers can meet their needs for crude coconut oil for their products. Here is one of INDONESIAN CRUDE COCONUT OIL FACTORY


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ADDRESS : Karya Baru Street 484, Palembang, South Sumatera, Indonesia

Crude coconut oil is an ingredient that is widely used in various products such as food, medicine and cosmetics. This makes crude coconut oil the most sought after and needed ingredient.

Potential of Crude Coconut Oil in Indonesia
The need for CNO is increasing every day. As the second largest CNO producer in the world after the Philippines, Indonesia’s potential in the CNO industry is very promising. Indonesia has a market share of more than 35% in world coconut production.

As a tropical country, Indonesia has abundant coconut raw materials. Opportunities to expand coconut plantation land can still be done in Kalimantan, Riau and Papua amounting to 10.70 million hectares. CNO is more environmentally friendly than soybean and palm oil making it easier to be accepted by countries that are strict on environmental issues.

The Most Trusted Crude Coconut Oil Factory in Indonesia
CV Sukatani Perkasa is a trusted crude coconut oil factory in Indonesia originating from Palembang, South Sumatra. The company, which has been established since 2008, produces the highest quality CNO products because it has gone through various rigorous tests to produce qualified CNO products.

Because it is close to the source of coconut trees, CNO production is very promising because it can produce up to 600 tons per month. To prove that CNO products are of good quality, you can see an explanation of the process for making CNO at CV Sukatani Perkasa.

Production of CNO at CV Sukatani Perkasa
The CNO manufacturing process goes through various stages of production and quality standard testing before finally being sent to customers. The production stages start from using a coconut meat crushing machine, heating it to a certain temperature, squeezing the flesh, to filtering it.

In the filtering stage, crude coconut oil will be cleaned and purified from unwanted dirt or contaminants. Then a further purification stage is carried out to filter out free fatty acids which have a percentage of 0.1% because this level is not recommended. After that, the product is ready to be distributed. The production results are in the form of coconut oil and other derivative products.

To meet production needs, a trusted and guaranteed quality crude coconut oil or CNO factory is needed. Because of this, buyers must be more selective in choosing CNO factories so that the CNO obtained is in accordance with standards and is not contaminated. As a trusted CNO factory, CV Sukatani Perkasa has produced the best products with high quality.