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Indonesia is one of the largest coconut product producing countries in the world. This increases Indonesia’s chances of becoming a major exporting country for coconut products, especially crude coconut oil. In the following, there is an explanation regarding the development of crude coconut oil exporters in Indonesia and the role of CV Sukatani Perkasa as an exporter from Indonesia.

Development of Crude Coconut Oil Exporters in Indonesia

Indonesia has been ranked first as the largest coconut producer in the world since 2017. Its coconut production has even reached 18.9 million tons. Crude coconut oil and copra are the coconut processing industries that dominate Indonesia.

The challenge faced by Indonesia as an exporter is the fluctuation in the price of coconut oil. The economic conditions of countries that import coconut oil greatly affect exports and fluctuations in the coconut oil market.

Indonesia also has quite tight competition with other exporting countries in the international market. Even so, Indonesia has a comparative advantage in the international market based on many studies.

Countries with the Highest Demand for Crude Coconut Oil

The demand for crude coconut oil is increasing with the high demand for coconut oil derivative products such as those for health, cosmetics and food. Reporting from the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Hamburg, the Ministry of Trade stated that the value of Indonesian coconut oil exports to Germany grew by 8.46% during 2008 – 2012.

Meanwhile, there are other countries which are also the largest importers of coconut oil besides Germany, namely the United States, the Netherlands, Malaysia and China. Based on research in 2015, the order of countries with the highest demand was the United States (33.18%), the Netherlands (15.66%), and Germany (14.05%), followed by Malaysia (12.9%) and China (8). ,74%).

The demand continues to grow. Indonesia, which has abundant coconut sources, must be able to compete fiercely as an exporter of crude coconut oil in the international market. One of the producers with the ambition to develop coconut oil exports in Indonesia is CV Sukatani Perkasa.

CV Sukatani Perkasa as a CNO Exporter in Indonesia
Since its establishment in 2008, CV Sukatani Perkasa has actively served thousands to millions of businesses and households in Indonesia. CNO from CV Sukatani Perkasa is widely used in food and raw materials for other products. They also continue to make improvements to their operations, marketing, and workforce.

With chemical-free and high-quality CNO, CV Sukatani Perkasa is increasingly developing itself by targeting the international market. The exporters carried out by CV Sukatani Perkasa were able to spread Indonesia’s superior products to a larger audience. This will increase Indonesia’s potential in the international market so that Indonesia can become the main choice of exporters in the world.

CV Suktani Perkasa has the advantage of being an exporter of crude coconut oil because they are close to the source of the coconut. That means the need for crude coconut oil is easier to meet, even the monthly capacity is 300 to 500 tons. If you choose CV Sukatani Perkasa as an exporter, the payment will be L/C.