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Since Indonesia is one of the largest producers of coconut products, there are many suppliers that can be found in Indonesia. Just by using the internet, you can find many suppliers of processed coconut products in Indonesia. However, finding the right supplier of crude coconut oil for your business is not easy, so you have to pay close attention.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Coconut Oil Supplier

Suppliers are an important part of business. If they cannot meet their needs, the impact will be felt on the business. Instead of making a profit, the business suffered a big loss.

Therefore, be careful in choosing suppliers for business. Likewise when choosing suppliers for processed coconut products such as crude coconut oil. With a trusted supplier, the needs for business will continue to be fulfilled.

In addition, good suppliers also have the best quality products. They carry out various stages so that the product issued does not lose its benefits when it reaches the customer. One supplier that pays attention to these things is CV Sukatani Perkasa.

The advantages of CV Sukatani Perkasa as a Crude Coconut Oil Supplier

With more than 10 years of experience in the coconut processing industry, the quality and service of CV Sukatani Perkasa can no longer be doubted. However, what makes it superior as a supplier of crude coconut oil? Here are the advantages.

Guaranteed CNO quality

CNO has many benefits that make it a well-known raw material. However, a poor CNO manufacturing process will affect the quality of the CNO itself and of course impact its benefits. Even worse if the CNO contains contaminants that are not good.

Therefore, CV Sukatani Perkasa is very thorough in the manufacture of its CNO products. Here, the process is made with care, starting from the selection of raw materials to the final process. There is no need to worry that CNO will be contaminated because the existing team conducts quality tests so that the quality of each product produced is guaranteed.

Plenty of Supply

As explained earlier, suppliers must be able to meet customer needs. This need can be fulfilled if suppliers have broad access to sources of raw materials. Such is the thing that you can get at CV Sukatani Perkasa.

Because it is close to the source of raw materials, CV Sukatani Perkasa is able to meet the uninterrupted supply of CNO. In one month, CV Sukatani Perkasa is able to provide up to 600 tons of CNO which are shipped with a 21 ton Flexibag. These products can be used as ingredients to make cosmetics, food, and medicine.

Choosing the right supplier of crude coconut oil is very profitable for business. CV Sukatani Perkasa can be your choice if you want to get a large supply of crude coconut oil with guaranteed quality. Contact CV Sukatani Perkasa for further information.