There are still those who don’t know what crude coconut oil (CNO) is and the benefits it provides. In fact, CNO is an ingredient that is very often used in various products. To find out more about crude coconut oil, see the explanation here.

But before we continue, here is information on CNO factories from Indonesia.


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What is Crude Coconut Oil?

Crude coconut oil or CNO is coconut oil extracted from coconut or copra meat. This oil is similar to RBD coconut oil, but the oil is less processed than RBD coconut oil. Even so, CNO from CV Sukatani Perkasa is guaranteed to be free from bad contaminants.

CNO has versatile properties and this can be seen from its use in several industries at the same time, such as food, health, cosmetics, to transportation. Its high amount of saturated fat has earned CNO a reputation as the only plant-based oil that is solid at room temperature.

In general, CNO is used in external parts such as for moisturizing and lubrication. Now, the use of CNO is increasingly popular. Moreover, CNO is considered as an alternative to animal fats such as lard or butter.

Benefits of CNO

After understanding what crude coconut oil is, you definitely want to know more about this oil, such as the benefits of using it. The following are some of the benefits of CNO that you must know.

Benefits for Health

Maintaining health is more important than treating it. Therefore, using ingredients that are good for health is very important. Crude coconut oil has many health benefits that make it suitable for those of you who want to use useful ingredients.

CNO users can avoid disease because CNO can kill viruses that cause herpes, influenza, mononucleosis, hepatitis C, and others. In addition, they can also kill bacteria that cause throat infections, food poisoning, cavities, pneumonia, gonorrhea, meningitis, and urinary tract infections.

Benefits for the Environment

Environmental health is just as important as physical health. CNOs that are rich in benefits are able to handle the needs of both. CNO, which is also widely known as the basic industrial grade oil, has been used as an alternative to petroleum or petroleum.

The oil has been tested as a raw material for biodiesel which can then be used as fuel for diesel engines. The use of CNO elicited a positive response because it reduced smoke emissions, reduced fuel consumption, and lowered engine temperature while generating more engine power.


That’s an explanation of what crude coconut oil is and its benefits in the product. CV Sukatani Perkasa can meet CNO needs for your product. The quality of the CNO manufacturing process at CV Sukatani Perkasa is guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about losing its benefits.