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The crude coconut oil business is one of the most lucrative and profitable ventures in the global marketplace. With the expansive growth of the global population, the increased demand for coconut oil has been outpacing the supply, making it a viable business opportunity for those looking to break into the market.


Coconut oil is extracted from the meat or flesh of mature coconuts. It is a highly saturated oil and has a natural, earthy, and distinct flavor. Coconut oil is used in culinary, beauty, and health applications, making it a sought-after commodity amongst health-minded individuals, cosmetic companies, and food manufacturers alike.

To enter the crude coconut oil business, one must first secure a good source of supply. There are a variety of sources from which coconut oil can be sourced, including local and organic farms, fair-trade cooperatives, and large scale international suppliers. Establishing and cultivating connections with trusted suppliers is an important step, as ensuring quality and consistency is critical for getting ahead in the crude coconut oil business.

Once sources of supply are established, the crude coconut oil must be processed and refined to yield products with a higher grade of quality and appearance. Coconut oil can be processed with a variety of techniques, including bleaching, filtering, winterization, hydrogenation, and partial hydrogenation. Methods of processing will vary depending on the desired quality and specifications of the product.

Marketing and distributing the crude coconut oil is a crucial step, and will ensure that the processed product reaches its target market. Customers can range from large-scale international buyers to small health food stores. For those looking to break into the market, having an understanding of the target customer’s needs, wants and preferences, as well as tactics for effective promotion is key.

The crude coconut oil business is an ever-growing sector with potential for immense profit. While entering this market does require some capital, it provides a lucrative opportunity for individuals and companies that can source and refine quality product, and interact effectively with their target market.

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