Crude Coconut Oil Supplier


Dear Our Future Buyers, welcome to Crude Coconut Oil Supplier, Sukatani Perkasa.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Wandi Huang, Senior Executive of CV Sukatani Perkasa, located in Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia.

We Are Sukatani Perkasa, an industrial-scale Crude Coconut Oil Factory (CNO factory) and also an exporter of CNO. Our products have high export standards because they are made from high quality organic coconut.

As we know, crude coconut oil is often used in many industries
– Food / Ice Cream, Cream, Mayonaise
– Beauty / Lotion, Shampoo, Skin Cream, SunBlock
– Lubricant & Fuel
– Medicine
Our Product may meet your market, so I would like to have a chance to be one of your suppliers from Indonesia.

Kindly visit our on-line profile at  to have quick review of our product.

You also can see our factory pictures here :

Our Production Capacity : 300 – 500 Ton / Month.

Delivery of our product is made in Flexitank packaging, contains 21 tons of crude coconut oil /fleksitank.

Term of payment in L/C. The Incoterm is CIF and FOB.

for latest product & price information, please contact us at :
Email : |   WA : (+62)811787100

Here is our Crude Coconut Oil specifications :

1 Free Fatty Acid Max 5% 2,68
2 Color, Lovibond 5 1/4″‘ Red Max 15,0 8,1
3 Iodine Value 7,5 – 10,5 9,88
4 Moisture Max 0,5% 0,30%

Hopefully this short introductory letter meets you very well and look foward to hearing your feedback soon.

It is our great honor to become Crude Coconut Oil Supplier to your company.


CNO, as crude oil is referred to, is a versatile product base. It has been used in several industries such as cosmetics, food, healthcare, and transportation. Crude oil has been a base of some soaps because of the natural moisturizing power of the coconut oil. It is also used in making margarine and vegetable lard.

However, crude oil is widely known to be “the basic industrial grade oil” for it is utilized as alternative for petroleum. Crude oil has also been tested as feedstock for biodiesel which can be used as a diesel engine fuel.

The usage of crude oil in vehicles had positive response. It is reported to have reduced fuel consumption, lessen smoke emission, lowered engine temperature while having more engine power.

Having coconut crude oil as an alternative for fuel gives us more choices and chances to help the Earth to slow down climate change and hopefully recuperate. This is because using crude coconut oil lessens our usage of fossil fuels which harms the nature.

How amazing it is that this coconut-based product can help our health as well as the Earth’s health. These are clear reasons to choose crude coconut oil more.  These are obvious motivations to get Sukatani Perkasa’s Crude Coconut Oil!

How We Make Crude Coconut Oil

Dried coconut meat is the main raw material in making crude coconut oil. So, the harvested coconuts are transported from the plantation straight to the plants. Then the coconut meat is dried. Using an expeller press, the crude coconut oil is produced from the coconut’s copra or the dried coconut meat.

Why Choose Sukatani Perkasa’s Crude Coconut Oil

Since 2008, Sukatani Perkasa has been an active player in the Indonesia food manufacturing industry. It has served thousands even millions of Indonesian households and businesses.

May it be that our products are standalone food or a raw material for your soap or dish; we are privileged to serve you using our quality agricultural by-products.

For the upcoming years, we are eyeing to conquer the international market so we can deliver the excellent Indonesia products to a larger audience. Because of this dedication to great service, we are constantly striving to be a better company by continuously improving our operations, our manpower, and our marketing.

It is our great honor to become Crude Coconut Oil Supplier to your company.