Here are 3 CRUDE COCONUT OIL BENEFITS that you should know, Presented by Indonesia Crude Coconut Factory :


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As many people are growing increasingly health-conscious in today’s world, the humble coconut has come back into fashion. From its use as an ingredient in food to its many benefits as a beauty product, coconut oil is a hot commodity right now. But it’s important to realize that not all coconut oils are created equal.

There is a big difference between acidic, high-processed, and refined coconut oil and raw and unrefined coconut oil. The latter is still fairly rare and hard to find, but it reaps many rewards one can’t find with the refined variant. Here are three examples of crude coconut oil benefits that make it invaluable for the health- and wellness-conscious person.


The first of these many benefits is that crude coconut oil is brimming with antioxidants. These are essential in protecting the human body from a wide range of diseases and damage inflicted by oxidation. This type of oil is a great way to obtain these disease-fighting and health-preserving antioxidants without the negative side effects of taking supplements. Additionally, crude coconut oil has an unusually high smoke point and is easy to digest, meaning that it can be used on higher temperatures with your cooking or baking without fear of spoilage or indigestion.

Another benefit of raw coconut oil is that it is incredibly nutritious and contain many healthy fatty acids. This allows it to be an economical stratagem for adding minerals and vitamins to a diet. These unsaturated fats and lipids are incredibly efficient in lowering bad cholesterol and clearing arteries. On top of this, soluble fiber and healthy fatty acids provide improved digestion and assimilation. This is key for the body to use all of its nutrients to the fullest and avoid deficiencies.

Finally, crude coconut oil provides a great number of skin benefits as well. Not only can it act as a gentle moisturizer, but it also has progressive anti-aging properties. The healthy fatty acids found in crude coconut oil also can help protect against sun damage, and its lauric acid content can even reduce bacterial and fungal skin conditions. It can even be applied topically to treat acne, bruising, and inflammation.

Indeed, crude coconut oil is more valuable than a lot of people might realize. As its many healthy fatty acids, antioxidants, and hydrating properties attest, it is a crucial ingredient for anyone keen on looking and feeling their best. This amazing oil can be added to a wide range of whole-food recipes, used topically to reduce inflammation, and incorporate ideals of high efficiency nutrition that will benefit the body in the long run.